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2021 Health Risks and CBD’s Potential: Pharmacist Gina Ruffa Weighs In


2020 was certainly a year that emphasized the importance of preventive health care. While many of us took to Google to search how to boost our immune systems, what type of mask is best or how far a sneeze can travel, we may have neglected the issues beyond COVID-19 Contributing Pharmacist Gina Ruffa identifies as some of the greatest dangers to our health.

Coronavirus aside, here are six things to pay attention to in 2021:

1. Influenza

COVID-19 and the flu are indeed both viral infections, but different viruses are at play. Although coronavirus is more virulent and more contagious, the viruses that cause influenza have shorter incubation periods, thus can spread faster than COVID-19. As Gina explains, “The common flu can be very dangerous for seniors with chronic conditions and those with compromised immune systems. There is always a risk of a secondary infection like pneumonia from either virus, plus the infections cause an inflammatory response which can wreak havoc in the body.”

2. Pharmaceuticals

As a pharmacist herself, Gina understands pharmaceuticals can pose a threat to certain people. She emphasizes, “No medication is without potential side effects. You can never predict a person’s response to taking medications because there is so much individualized variation from person to person, as well as potential for adverse drug reactions, drug-drug interactions, drug-nutrient interactions or an allergic response.” Gina also highlights the danger of drug dependency amid the aftermath of the opioid epidemic.

3. SAD Diet

“The Standard American Diet,” Gina remarks, “is indeed a very sad diet.” She has a few handy mnemonic devices for this daily health risk. “Eat less CRAP (carbonated, refined, artificial and processed) and eat more FOOD (fruits and vegetables, organic lean protein, Omega-3s and drink plenty of water).” The easier to remember, the easier to apply!

Fish Meal

4. Fluoride

Although fluoride is recommended to prevent tooth decay by dentists nationwide, Gina warns of consumption in high amounts: “The long-term side effects are that it can potentially weaken your bones, leading to osteoporosis, in addition to potential neurotoxicity if it accumulates in the pineal gland.” She notes it may be worth switching over to xylitol, which is equally corrective for tooth decay, and to avoid drinking fluoridated water.

5. Plastics

Not only are plastics bad for the environment, but they can also cause hormone or endocrine disruption. As Gina explains, “Plasticizers such as BPA or Bisphenol-A, dioxins, and PVC can leach out of plastic, especially in warm temperatures.” Her advice?  Invest in a stainless steel or glass water bottle and avoid plastic or aluminum bottles.

6. Cosmetics

Regarding beauty products, Gina reminds us, “Many people forget that our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, and chemicals within our cosmetics and beauty care products can seep through and get into our bloodstreams, allowing harmful toxins in.” Not willing to give up your beauty routine?  Gina recommends looking for all-natural, paraben and phthalate-free products the next time you’re into the beauty aisle, and we at Farmulated CBD recommend staying tuned for the launch of our CBD-based beauty products.

With so many risks to consider as we navigate another year of health problems and prevention, how does CBD factor into the conversation? 

“CBD has the potential to lower the level of oxidative stress and has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties,” Gina explains, “And as we continue to find out more and more about the many different cannabinoids and how they work together to help balance our endocannabinoid system, it seems like a more natural, less toxic approach to many of our pharmaceuticals.”   

Paired with practices that actively acknowledge and prevent so many potential health dangers, we at Farmulated CBD are ready to take on 2021 with CBD at our sides.


You can learn more about Pharmacist Gina Ruffa at http://what-supp.org

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