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2022’s Positive Health Predictions: COVID Immunity, Cancer Screening & CBD Trials


If the general population had been polled in 2019 on potential 2020 health trends, chances are the vast majority of us would not have guessed a dangerous virus would rapidly spread around the world, altering the course of history forever. Now, as we enter our third year of COVID-19, a surprising glimmer of optimism pervades 2022 health predictions. So, what can we expect on this year’s health agenda, and how can positive research surrounding natural remedies like CBD help us put our best thoughts forward amid a pandemic that feels never-ending? Here is what the experts and ongoing research have to say:

1. COVID-19 may make a controllable turn.

By late December, the new Omicron variant accounted for approximately 73 percent of all COVID cases in the United States, and over 96 percent of COVID cases in some states.1 While the rapid spread of the highly contagious variant has proven alarming, particularly as holiday gatherings ramped up, there does appear to be a silver lining. Such high infection rates are certain to produce a lot of antibodies and could contribute to that golden phrase, herd immunity, leading to the largest collective swing at the virus thus far. The hopeful result? A virus that could make the switch from pandemic to endemic, returning in a form similar to an annual common cold rather than a quarantine-inducing public health threat.2

2. Early cancer screenings could become commonplace.

A massive biotech success, the Galleri blood test was designed to detect 50 types of cancer in early stages via cancer-signaling DNA fragments in a single drop of blood.3 By focusing on many types of cancer not commonly screened for, the Galleri test paves the way for quick and accessible cancer testing in a nation where approximately 39.5 percent of men and women will be diagnosed in their lifetimes.4 Catching cancer early gives those diagnosed the best possible chance of recovery and survival, an aim that offers hope to our entire nation and beyond.

3. Natural remedies will step into the spotlight.

Two substances that are finally shedding their outdated reputations? Cannabis takes the number one spot, followed by psilocybin, a psychedelic compound found in various species of fungi. While recent surveys show cannabis acceptance has officially gone mainstream, the idea of psychedelic mushrooms entering modern medicine still leave many uneasy. Despite hesitant public opinion, groundbreaking research at Imperial College London shows psilocybin could become a potential treatment for depression, performing just as well as frequently prescribed pharmaceutical Lexapro.3

And for CBD? Widespread use of cannabis products has resulted in clinical trials popping up across the nation. A few ongoing trials to watch for in the coming year include CBD’s impact on neural health, immune functioning, Rheumatoid arthritis, cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s disease and chronic liver injury.5 We at Farmulated can’t help but feel ecstatic for all that is in the works.


So if you, like so many, are feeling stuck in the COVID-induced rut, try to shift your focus to the many ongoing medical advancements destined to once again reshape the world, this time in positive ways.




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