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5 CBD Lotion Benefits for Your Best Skin Yet

Let’s talk skincare. Among a ballooning multibillion-dollar skincare industry, the combination of moisturizing lotion and anti-inflammatory, hemp-derived CBD was destined to hit shelves after the monumental passing of the hemp-legalizing 2018 Farm Bill. So, is CBD lotion really worth the hype? We break down the ingredients of Farmulated 500mg CBD Daily Lotion and fill you in on what benefits you can expect after beginning a topical CBD regimen. Hint: Healthy, glowing skin is on the horizon.

1. CBD Lotion is Antimicrobial.

Although acne, the most common skin condition, can be caused by a variety of factors, eliminating bacteria from the skin is critical to preventing acne breakouts in addition to other irritating bacterial skin infections. Luckily, a recent study shows CBD is capable of killing both gram-negative and the even tougher gram-positive bacteria without unwanted side effects.1 This is huge news for anyone battling acne with harsh chemicals and chronically drying ingredients. Although applying additional moisture to oily acne zones may seem counterintuitive, maintaining hydration – especially antimicrobial hydration – is key to preventing the formation of tiny cracks within the skin where more bacteria can spawn.

2. CBD Lotion is Hydrating.

With a thick, silky texture, CBD cream formulas are designed to effectively promote water retention, a.k.a. hydration, and prevent skin from splitting and flaking. As previously mentioned, this mechanism goes beyond beauty – even small fissures in the skin increase susceptibility to infections and other troubling skin conditions.

There are a few different methods CBD lotions can use to target the outer layer of skin, one of which is via humectants. Humectants are compounds that draw water from the external environment or even the deeper layers of skin.2 Glycerin is one of the most common humectants, and the second ingredient present in Farmulated CBD Daily Lotion. Slather on a glycerin-rich formula, and you’ll instantly notice softer, healthier skin.

3. CBD Topicals are Protective.

When using humectants, it is important to double up on protection with an occlusive compound that prevents water loss by locking moisture in. Farmulated Daily Lotion’s third ingredient, sweet almond oil, is an all-natural occlusive which complements the deionized (pure) water, glycerin and cannabidiol compounds to keep all the good stuff within the skin’s barrier. Locked-in ingredients = long-lasting skincare.

4. CBD Cream is Anti-Inflammatory.

The endocannabinoid system is a balancing act of cannabinoid modulation, pinpointing regions of the body that are hyper-inflamed to restore equilibrium. Not only does CBD lotion give you all the desired benefits of quality skincare, but it also targets joint pain and can reduce inflammation on the skin’s surface before absorbing more deeply. For those in need of rapid relief from painful, inflamed skin, CBD lotion or other CBD topicals offer an instant fix with long-lasting benefits.

5. CBD Lotion is Anti-Aging.

For consumers most concerned about preventing fine lines and wrinkles, the combination of hydrating, de-puffing, antibacterial ingredients in CBD creams work together to turn back the clock on your skin. In Farmulated CBD Daily Lotion, deionized water hydrates the skin, aloe vera calms redness and irritation, hemp-derived CBD extract creates an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial barrier, glycerin pulls additional water from the atmosphere into the skin and sweet almond oil creates an occlusive barrier to lock all of the ingredients in. With a lack of irritating, skin-drying ingredients and an ultra-moisturizing formula that won’t cause acne, the skin remains calm, plump and fine-line free. Wrinkle warriors, rejoice!

How Can CBD Creams Benefit You?

Despite the beauty industry overflowing with specialized products for every skincare woe, for those just beginning the journey to healthier, clearer skin, rest assured your product lineup need not be complicated to be effective. In fact, a multi-part hydrating, clearing and de-puffing CBD cream with ingredients made to complement one another may be your best chance of avoiding any harsh chemical interactions that damage your skin over time.

And for those who simply can’t nix the luxurious scents of fragranced skincare, Farmulated’s 500mg CBD Daily Lotion has you covered with a natural alternative. In addition to providing you antimicrobial, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and age-defying benefits, Farmulated's premium cream formula contains limonene terpenes, a natural cannabidiol compound which adds a fresh citrus fragrance that won’t irritate the skin or disrupt the endocrine system. It’s the cherry on top of all the qualities you expect from high-quality skincare, but made with plant-powered ingredients that will naturally calm, hydrate and protect your skin while you bask in its fresh, lemony scent.

Ready to experience your best skin yet? CBD lotions and other CBD topicals can benefit you in so many remarkable ways, and current research is only the tip of the iceberg. Check out Farmulated’s CBD Lotion, Salve and Freeze Roll-On Gel to get started with your simpler, greener skincare journey today.


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