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Add CBD Pet Treats to Your Road Trip Packing List

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So you’re considering a vacation?

After a long, hard spring spent as Mark’s right-hand man pup, I’m also ready for that windows-down, breeze-in-my-hair, tongue-out feeling as we depart to somewhere I can run… and run and run. And as Treat Tester in Chief, I know exactly what I’ll need to get me settled for long car rides: plenty of CBD Pet Treats.

Ready to hit the open road with a more relaxed four-legged friend? Here are a few things you should consider before you pack your bags:

  1. CBD is not a drug. Derived from hemp, CBD Pet Treats naturally aid with relaxation through the endocannabinoid system, but contain no THC (the stuff that gets you “high”).
  2. Test before the big day. All dogs respond differently to CBD. Give the treats a test run a few days in advance to ensure smooth sailing on your trip.
  3. For my small friends: One or two treats may do. *Sigh* Each treat contains 5 mg of CBD, which may be enough to cut the pre-trip jitters in my extra small pals. Larger breeds like me can usually have a few more.

Keeping these points in mind, road-trippin’ never looked so good. Now nix the dogsitter and bring us along. We promise, with a healthy dose of CBD Pet Treats, we just might behave. Unless we see a squirrel…or a nice human… or a pile of mud… or…


Your Favorite Employee,


Maddox the Dog in Car

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