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Addressing Rural Health with CBD

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Love living in a place with limited noise, plenty of foliage and visible stars? We at Farmulated do! Approximately 15 percent of Americans reside in the rural United States, and while living among the great outdoors comes with plenty of perks, it also brings about a wide array of access-related health barriers. National Rural Health Day, which occurs on the third Thursday of every November, was created to address the blatant health gap studies show exists in rural communities across the United States.1

Receiving adequate health care can be a hurdle for rural Americans, especially when the closest hospital is three towns over. Because of this, rural Americans are at a greater risk of death from heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke and unintentional injuries compared with urban Americans.2 On top of location limitations, rural Americans are also more likely to smoke and less likely to engage in leisure physical activity, leading to higher rates of obesity and high blood pressure.2

The hyper-inflammatory lifestyle of so many Americans is something we’ve become familiar with at Farmulated, both from customer reviews and plenty of personal experience. In areas of the country where fresh produce, herbs and natural supplements are so abundant, poor collective community health signals a massive disconnect between rural Americans and the land around them. That’s why formulating high-quality, holistic hemp is about more than CBD products to us – it’s about uplifting our local community and beyond with a substance that is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and comes directly from the earth.

As we grow more health-focused plants and our company journey expands, we take pride in maintaining the spirit of rural Americans across the nation, a help-your-neighbor mentality that is necessary for small towns to thrive. 

For those newly curious about the healing potential of CBD, check out our full product lineup of premium CBD products. Then, take a moment to prioritize your health, especially if you are a rural American. Is there anything your body is in need of? What decisions can help you begin to heal today? 

Happy National Rural Health Day!


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