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After you, my deer...


To all the deer in Northwest PA, here’s a tip: Stop running out in front of moving vehicles. I get it, it’s a rough season for you guys. The woods must be full of anxiety. First arrows fly past, now gunshots ring out, but let’s be honest. These collisions with cars and trucks are not exclusive to hunting season. I’m not judging you, but the learning curve on deer/vehicle impacts hasn’t really improved over the last few decades. It’s not unusual to see a deer carcass while driving down the highway at any given time of year. Something must be done. Why not spread the word to all of your friends and relatives? Tell them that the lights they see moving down roads are luring them into danger. Tell them to look both ways before crossing. Tell them whatever it takes to make them stop, because they are not the only ones getting hurt.

Perhaps the deer population isn’t aware that when these accidents occur, they result in casualties beyond the deer world. Drivers, passengers and yes, even pets suffer injuries when deer and vehicles collide. One evening while driving with Mark, my owner, we experienced a near miss when an energetic young doe darted out in front of our truck. Fortunately, Mark’s ninja reflexes prevented a crash. We avoided the deer but I flew forward off my seat and my head cracked the truck’s windshield! Mark knows that I’m pretty tough but he still thoroughly checked me over for injuries. He kept a close eye on me for the rest of the night and even over the following few days in case I developed any signs of concussion. Luckily, we had a happy ending. However, some nights when we go for car rides now, I start to get nervous because of our experience with the deer. Mark and Renee, who are the greatest owners ever, calm me down with some gentle reassurance and a CBD pet treat.

Hey, here’s an idea...maybe we could market some of those CBD treats to the deer! CBD is known to help with a bunch of pet issues, including anxiety. A little treat in the shape of an acorn ought to do the trick. I’ll write more later, I’ve got to have a conversation with Mark. Stay safe!!

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