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An Unlikely Guest at Thanksgiving Dinner? CBD

Amid ever-evolving state COVID-19 mandates and the stress of to gather or not to gather on a holiday that celebrates family, Thanksgiving 2020 may already be off to a rough start for many. If you are still planning on joining your loved ones for a delicious plate or two of grub, we’ve compiled a few options for how to enjoy a more relaxed, less hectic holiday of thankfulness.

1. Bake a CBD-Infused Pie. CBD oil can be seamlessly infused into almost any baked good. Simply add your desired dose of CBD full-spectrum or isolate oil into a fatty base such as butter or oil and mix well. For best results, bake at a temperature below 320 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the CBD from evaporating. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Apple Pie

2. Swap Red Wine for a Feel-Good Friday. Love to unwind with a glass of wine, but hate the Friday morning food-and-alcohol coma? Try a pre-dinner dose of CBD to relax without feeling foggy.

3. Give Tryptophan a Sidekick. While the old “turkey makes you tired” saying has been proven more complex (and more carb-centric) than a single amino acid, the post-dinner nap is an undisputed rite of gluten-heavy passage. Try a dose of CBD to boost your chances of taking THE nap of all naps.

However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we at Farmulated CBD hope your day will be filled with good food and peace of mind. Stay tuned for our huge Black Friday special beginning online on Thanksgiving day, and give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a stress-free holiday season!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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