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April Brings Seasonal Allergies; CBD, a Remedy


It’s spring, which means a multitude of good things: warmer days, lighter evenings and a world dipped in vibrant colors. Unfortunately, seasonal allergy sufferers know on the flipside of green leaves and pastel flowers looms lengthy bouts of coughing, sneezing and itching among other irritating, pollen-induced symptoms.

Approximately 8.2 percent of adults and 8.4 percent of children suffer from hay fever, also called seasonal allergies.1 The quick fix, of course, is one or more of the many antihistamine pills, sprays or drops on the market, but when OTC remedies aren’t effectively easing symptoms, there may be an alternative. A 2005 study shows CBD may impair T-cell activation to decrease histamine production, or the compounds that trigger the dreaded cascade of allergy symptoms.2

On a positive note, allergies are your immune system’s way of alerting you to a foreign substance entering your body, and the symptoms you experience are a method of expelling that substance. The problem: This can happen even when the foreign substance poses no danger. One of these symptoms is inflammation, which sparks the release of histamines and can significantly worsen your other allergy symptoms, especially if you have underlying risk factors. Luckily, CBD targets inflammation through the endocannabinoid system, working on an as-needed basis to restore equilibrium.

While CBD may not be able to relieve you of all the worst allergy symptoms the spring season has ushered in, it does have the potential to make them more manageable by targeting the excessive inflammatory reaction at the root of the problem. That’s exciting news for those of us who love the great outdoors, sans sneezing.


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Note: Always consult with a doctor when adding a CBD regimen to your current medications.



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