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Cannabis Use Spiking Amid COVID-19


The green wave, a term used to reference the increasing acceptance and use of cannabis, has only spread since the onset of COVID-19. A recent study from Aclara Research shows approximately 20 percent of consumers are using more CBD products in response to the pandemic, with the top-cited reasons for use including pain relief, anxiety, relaxation, sleep and general wellness.1 Within the same study, 68 percent of respondents stated they felt more stress during the pandemic than pre-coronavirus, and nearly half had an increased interest in seeking out health-boosting supplements and foods.1

As many of us are aware, increased stress often translates to increased inflammation and malfunctioning cortisol, which studies show CBD may help alleviate. However, like any illness, targeting anxiety before it escalates may be a more manageable route than treating its worst symptoms. Fortunately, it appears more and more consumers are experiencing the stress-relieving impact of consistent CBD use, especially as natural wellness practices enter mainstream health conversations.

Even for self-reported marijuana users, the pandemic has spurred not only an increase in marijuana use, but also a decrease in alcohol use as cannabis products offer a potentially healthier, more calming replacement.2 Approximately 80 percent of surveyed marijuana users reported using both marijuana and CBD,1 which hints those who enjoy the THC-induced “high” are also partial to the distinct wellness benefits of the characteristically low-THC hemp plant.

While we hope for an imminent end to a virus that has plagued us for nearly a year, we are also optimistic about how CBD has benefited those in need of stress relief and a concrete wellness routine, contributing to a sense of control amid chaotic circumstances. And when more typical, less “international pandemic-induced” stressors eventually replace current concerns, we at Farmulated CBD will continue to support those in our local community and beyond with the benefits of always safe, always efficient CBD products.


Here’s to a greener 2021!


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