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CBD, a Positive Force This Epilepsy Awareness Day


Today is National Epilepsy Awareness Day, a marker of a complex neurological condition that affects approximately 1.2 percent of the U.S. population.1 Epilepsy is identified as a condition which disrupts communication between neurons, or the cells that regulate sensory input and motor output,2 and is commonly associated with seizures. To understand the impact of neuron miscommunication on a basic level, imagine fast-forwarding through a video clip so quickly that the words and images can no longer be interpreted. This is similar to the excessive stimulation of brain cells in a person with epilepsy. The body's movements are simply trying to keep pace with the brain's messaging. 

It is estimated that 1 in 26 people in the United States will experience epilepsy at some point in their lifetimes,1 a staggering statistic that makes epilepsy awareness especially critical. The good news? In recent years, cannabis has emerged as a potential solution to some of epilepsy’s most troubling symptoms, particularly for pediatric epilepsy patients. In 2016, its efficacy as an anticonvulsant led to the development of an approved CBD-based pharmaceutical called Epidiolex, which significantly reduced seizures in people with three different types of epilepsy.3

While research shows it is unlikely CBD targets epilepsy at the source, or molecular targets, it may desensitize certain ion channels that cause convulsions.3 This means the rapidly firing motor output temporarily slows, often allowing a reprieve from convulsions. Regardless of the mechanism, CBD’s healing potential has sparked interest in research efforts across the globe, especially as current studies show CBD’s capacity to function not only as an anti-seizure treatment, but also as an antipsychotic, neuroprotective and antidepressant remedy.3

We at Farmulated CBD are so excited for a future in which CBD may improve the lives of people all over the world seeking better health, and on this National Epilepsy Awareness Day, we are especially hopeful CBD will bring the epilepsy community one step closer to a cure.


Learn more about epilepsy awareness here.


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