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CBD for Dogs: Dosages for Common Health Conditions

Much like their human counterparts, dogs are prone to common health conditions including pain and anxiety. In fact, approximately 80 percent of dogs suffer from arthritis by age eight,1 and a recent study shows over 72 percent of dogs from 264 different breeds exhibited anxiety symptoms ranging from noise sensitivity to aggression.2

So, what can you do to help your four-legged friend better manage these all-too-common conditions this National Dog Day? CBD pet supplements may offer a good starting point.

How Humans and Pets Benefit

Despite CBD’s semi-recent upswing of awareness among the general public, it didn’t take long for our four-legged friends to become a part of the conversation. If CBD can help human anxiety and pain relief, why not dogs? Eventually, research from Cornell University caught up to human speculation, revealing CBD given to dogs suffering from arthritis twice daily aided in pain relief and quality of life.3 According to the American Kennel Club, other animal-based research shows CBD is effective at reducing inflammation, relieving nausea and fighting infection in addition to a massive influx of anecdotal treatment evidence from pet owners.3

CBD Dosages for Dogs

So, how do you begin a CBD regimen for your pet? If you’re new to the world of pet CBD, Farmulated’s CBD pet products make it easy to give your dog small, incremental doses to gauge what works best for their personal needs. Our CBD pet supplements offer a perfectly portioned 5mg of CBD per treat while our Salmon Pet CBD Oil serves up 25mg of CBD per 1mL serving. The best part? The quality of our pet CBD products is the same as our premium, human-grade CBD, because your four-legged friends deserves top-of-line care.

*Always consult with your veterinarian with any questions or concerns before beginning a pet CBD regimen and use our “Suggested Serving Size” guide featured in our product descriptions on our website. 

Pet CBD Reviews

Wondering what types of benefits your dog can expect? Our customers have further backed the scientific and anecdotal evidence of pet CBD products’ efficacy, citing their pets’ relief from anxiety (think thunderstorms and car rides) and pain as well as improved quality of life.

Check out pet CBD enthusiast Betsy O.’s review below:

“I have dogs who benefit from the pet treats and oil. My older gal, Gracie, takes the oil daily to keep a lively step as she ages. Cece suffers from anxiety from loud, abrupt noises, so the pet treats and oil taken daily help alleviate her stress.”

Interested in getting started? Check out Farmulated’s premium CBD pet products for yourself. You and your dog will thank us later!


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