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Christmas Cookies, Cozy Evenings and CBD: Navigating Winter Wellness

It’s mid-December, which means the winter wellness jokes are in full swing: prepping your “winter body” with a few extra pounds, consuming Christmas cookies and hot cocoa as a form of self-care, sipping red wine by a fire to self-isolate from COVID-19. While these are all wonderful ways to celebrate the holiday season, putting health on the backburner until spring may not be so merry and bright.

The paradox: As what we once called flu season transitions to a horrible flu-cold-COVID combo, many of us are leaning towards wrapping ourselves in cozy blankets to wait out warmer weather and, hopefully, less illness rather than taking proactive control of our health.

Why does colder weather bring so much sickness to begin with? It comes down to proximity. The more time you spend indoors and around other people, the more likely you are to encounter a virus. Despite all the social distancing your inner circle has practiced, the possibility of contracting the coronavirus is ever-present. On top of that, the winter months also bring less accessible exercise and more warm baked goods—good in theory, not great for your immune system.

So how do you take control of your health right now, when the gym is temporarily closed and your oven seems to be the only thing putting in the work? 

1. Sleep more, all at once.

Getting good REM sleep is a surefire way to protect your immune system. Taking tons of mini-naps that make you restless when you do need to shut your eyes? Not so much. Try a dose of CBD oil to ease you into a deep winter slumber.

2. Meditate. 

No, this isn’t just something to test on tropical beach vacations. Calming your mind and body on a daily basis relieves stress and contributes to better long-term health. Taking a CBD supplement may also aid you in finding your Zen.

3. Try a home workout.

Getting active doesn’t have to take place in a public setting. Home workouts can be a perfect option for those with jam-packed schedules, and great for boosting feel-good endorphins in quick, 20-minute sessions.

4. Moisturize!

Your skin is an organ, too. Protect it from harsh climates by investing in a good moisturizer that deeply nourishes and improves elasticity while targeting inflammation. Might we recommend our 500mg CBD Daily Lotion?

5. Remember moderation.

Christmas cookies are good. Festive holiday drinks are good. Snuggling up for movie marathons? Also good. However, don’t forget what your immune system needs for the best chance at an illness-free winter: a diet rich in leafy greens, plenty of water, and daily exercise. All good things come in moderation.

Happy Healthy Holidays from all of us at Farmulated CBD!

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