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COVID Corner: Pfizer’s Push and CBD’s Potential

As U.S. biopharmaceutical company Pfizer pushes forward with a coronavirus vaccine currently shown to be 90 percent effective,1 those most impacted by the virus are experiencing a newfound sense of hope mixed with concern for the vaccine’s cost and availability. COVID-19 has not only taken a massive toll on the nation’s health, but also on small businesses which employ almost half of the private sector workforce.2 Recent data shows about a quarter of small businesses remain closed,2 and family-owned businesses like Farmulated CBD understand the increasing strain on local economies.  

Fortunately, while the nation awaits the biotech world’s forthcoming solutions, ongoing medical research has unveiled the groundbreaking potential of CBD. June brought two Israeli research companies’ preliminary reports of CBD outperforming the corticosteroid dexamethasone in treating severe COVID-19 symptoms. Now, new supporting research from the Medical College of Georgia shows CBD may be effective in reducing COVID-related lung damage by interacting with a protective peptide called apelin.3

In the study, CBD appeared to be a natural agonist of apelin, a regulator of blood pressure and inflammation which was markedly reduced in patients experiencing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), one of the most severe symptoms of COVID-19.3 The researchers still do not know the exact mechanism, but believe it is likely CBD interferes with a function of the virus which suppresses something that in turn suppresses apelin, thus maintaining apelin levels and decreasing the intense inflammatory response.3 In mice infected with the virus, treatment with CBD normalized oxygen levels and improved swelling and scarring in inflamed lungs.3

Although more research is necessary, the positive studies surrounding CBD amid the COVID-19 pandemic shape a vivid image of the potential of natural wellness. In uncertain times, taking a holistic approach to health—through exercise, diet, and natural remedies – offers a proactive method of coronavirus prevention. So while it may feel as if the world must pause and await Pfizer’s vaccine, we at Farmulated CBD would like to remind you that natural healing is already here and ready to be incorporated into your daily routine.  



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