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Eat More Chocolate: The CBD Dark Chocolate Bar for Better Health

It’s World Chocolate Day, a time to celebrate the luxurious, plant-based candy so many of our “sweet tooth” receptors instantly salivate over. Battling deep-seated sugar cravings? Let us, along with numerous scientific studies, convince you to pick the CBD Dark Chocolate Bar back up. When combined with our premium quality CBD, a decadent dose of dark chocolate may actually be the daily health boost your body not only desires for taste, but also needs for nourishment. Sometimes your cravings are actually decent food guides.

Talking Antioxidants

Many of us are inclined to select food products that tote the healing powers of antioxidants, thanks to holistic health jargon that placed specific substances at the forefront of wellness (for good reason). Luckily for sweet treat connoisseurs, dark chocolate is one of the most readily available and effective methods of packing in maximum antioxidants, scoring even higher than blueberries and acai berries in one study.1

What do antioxidants actually do besides fulfill our buzzword- and nutrient-dense grocery shopping lists? The superpower ingredient fights free radicals, or the molecules that cause progressive physical aging, inflammation and illness. Free radicals typically accumulate from unhealthy habits like smoking or environmental factors like pollution, forming problematic “chains” of potential illness in the body. Luckily, antioxidants from foods like dark chocolate neutralize free radicals through an intuitive electron exchange, resulting in a broken chain of damage. Combine that powerful benefit with anti-inflammatory CBD and you have a wrinkle-reducing, disease-fighting phenomenon in one indulgent CBD Dark Chocolate Bar.

Letting Your Heart Lead

At times it may seem your cravings come directly from the heart, and when your heart is leading you towards a CBD Dark Chocolate Bar, don't ignore it. Dark chocolate is rich with something called flavanols, or powerful chemicals shown to reduce hypertension and decrease risk of diabetes.2 What else may aid in lowering blood pressure? Anxiety-curbing CBD, making the combination of CBD and dark chocolate a win-win for heart health.

Eating CBD Dark Chocolate, a Feel-Good Tour de Force

Repeat after us: Dark chocolate equals better health. When consumed in moderation, the benefits of dark chocolate far outweigh the mild dose of sugar. Plus, dark chocolate’s composition is rich in necessary, immune-boosting minerals including:

1. Iron, for higher energy levels

2. Copper, to absorb iron

3. Zinc, for immune support

4. Phosphorous, for strong bones & muscles

5. Magnesium, for improved mental health, pain management & an extraordinary list of other benefits

The lesson to be gained from this wonderful World Chocolate Day? Chocolate serves as far more than a temporary moment of indulgence. At Farmulated CBD, our delicious CBD Dark Chocolate Bars blend the many nutrients of dark chocolate with the anti-inflammatory, calming impact of premium CBD into a treat that can be enjoyed for pure pleasure while delivering illness-fighting, immune-boosting, wrinkle-reducing support behind the scenes. Chocolate lovers, rejoice!

You can find our locally made CBD Dark Chocolate Bars at our Route 97 location, our Millcreek Mall store (next to Macy’s), at Edinboro Chocolaterie and in select retailers.
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