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Employee Spotlight: Meet Janette Eichenlaub!

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Today we’re highlighting Janette Eichenlaub, a Farmulated mall associate who has been with us since the beginning! Janette’s bright personality and openness to CBD make her a great fit to assist customers who are curious about our products’ benefits.


Hi, Janette! Could you start us out with a fun fact about you?

I am actually a twin!

Very cool! And how long have you been working for Farmulated?

Since July 1, 2020.

So right at the start. Did you have any misconceptions about CBD before beginning with us?

Actually, none at all!

That’s always great to hear! After testing out all the different products, what would you say is your personal favorite?

I would have to say the CBD oil. Even if you don’t have a reason to begin a regimen, the CBD is able to locate an area you may not have been aware it could help!

Yes, that’s the endocannabinoid system’s unique way of bringing equilibrium to our bodies! CBD effectively targets pain and inflammation and creates balance with consistent use.

Have you received any customer feedback that you really enjoyed? 

I’ve had customers that are very happy the Troyer family owns Farmulated, which is always nice to hear.

Of course! It’s wonderful to think Troyer Farms Potato Chips left a lasting impression on the local community – one that allows new customers to trust Farmulated is a brand with the same high standards of quality.


Curious about CBD and don’t know where to start? Our wonderful store associates can help you select the best product for you in a beautiful, calming atmosphere. Our Millcreek Mall store is located next to Macy’s and carries our full product lineup of oils, topicals, edibles and so much more.

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