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Farmulated’s Father’s Day Gift Guide: CBD for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and the dads who do it all deserve to be spoiled… even when they insist they don’t want anything. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for those Googling what the Father’s Day equivalent of a Mother’s Day flower bouquet is. Hint: Moms and Dads both appreciate a thoughtful, CBD-infused present. Check out our CBD product recommendations for every type of dad, then take advantage of our 10 percent off Father’s Day Sale!

For the DIY dad:

He takes all projects into his own hands, even when his hands – and back – are aching for help. Farmulated CBD Freeze Roll On Gel offers rapid, targeted pain relief via a powerful CBD and menthol formula. Dad can roll it on in a few seconds and get back to business free of irritating pain and inflammation.

For the part-dad, part-taxi:

He’s always on the go, and a life in motion requires a gift that matches his fast-paced lifestyle. For the dad who needs a dose of calm during his daily activities, gift him the convenience of Farmulated CBD Capsules.

And for the dad who simply can’t “chill” until the day is done, Farmulated Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Oil is the calming, sleep-inducing sidekick he needs to maintain his physical wellbeing for years to come.

For the dad with a hidden candy stash:

He was probably the type of dad who let you indulge in a few too many sugary snacks growing up. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Give him your shared love of sweet treats with Farmulated Mixed Flavor CBD Gummies. Bonus: These sweets have health benefits to boot!

For the dad who fears smelling like flowers:

Maybe he’s the macho, wood-working type (or he once was) and banishes any beauty products that diminish his outdoorsy exterior, or maybe he just loathes the smell of perfume-y products. Whatever his preferences, Farmulated’s Handcrafted Soaps in Cedar & Mint or Lemongrass with Hemp offer dad the perfect blends of masculine, hydrating shower staples with lasting, naturally refreshing aromas. 

For the dad who “never wanted a dog” but now is the most obsessed:

It’s a tale as old as domesticated pets. He turned down all the family’s initial pleas for a four-legged friend, but now he and the dog (or cat) are by far the best buds of the house. Sound familiar? Give him one of Farmulated’s calming Pet Supplements made with premium, safely dosed CBD so he and his best friend can unwind together.

For the dad who loves local:

Got a dad who always seems to “know a guy” with a small specialty shop for anything you need? For the dad who avoids massive retail chains, all of Farmulated’s premium CBD products have the local, family farm-grown touch he prefers, and we can’t help but agree that dad is right – #shoppingsmall is always the best choice!


This Father’s Day, give the gift of locally grown, carefully crafted CBD products for an extra special, thoughtful celebration of the incredible dad(s) in your life.
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