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Farmulated vs. Koi CBD Ltd: Which is Right for You?

If you’re new to CBD products, you’re probably wondering which brand you should begin your journey with. There are a lot of CBD companies that sell a lot of different products, from oils to creams, capsules, gummies, pet products, and more. So in this comparison guide, we’ll compare two popular CBD brands: Farmulated and Koi CBD Ltd. We’ll talk about a few of the pros and cons of each one so that you can make an informed decision about which one could be right for you.

A CBD Introduction

As we explore both Farmulated and Koi CBD Ltd., it is important to understand how CBD is produced. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring compound that is found in both marijuana and hemp plants. Because of the lack of THC, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. CBD does not give you the feeling of being “high”. CBD, however, does offer a wide range of potential health benefits.

Farmulated CBD's hemp is organically and sustainably grown on our farm in northwestern PA. We harvest and process it ourselves to ensure its quality, using a solvent-free CO2 extraction method. This involves using the normal carbon dioxide from the air we breathe, subjecting it to a high-pressure, low temperature environment until only the beneficial molecules remain. The result is a pure, high-quality CBD oil free from solvents.

What are the main differences between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD?

Full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD share some similarities, but they are also very different. All are extracted from the hemp plant, but each has a different level of refinement.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains the cannabinoid and terpene-rich part of the hemp plant and trace amounts of THC (< 0.3%). Broad spectrum CBD oil contains the same cannabinoids and terpenes, but is refined to eliminate any levels of THC. Isolate CBD is refined even further to remove all cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC, leaving you pure CBD. Doing this leaves the oil odorless and tasteless. However, because isolate is so refined, it may remove some of the benefits caused by the entourage effect that comes from the other components of the hemp plant.

About Farmulated

Farmulated is a family-owned business in operation since 2019 and has more than 50 years of farming experience. After growing a successful potato chip brand (Troyer Potato Chips), we decided to take our farming and business knowledge into the CBD business. Our Erie County, PA home is the heart of our non-GMO, organic hemp farm. All of our CBD products, including topicals, tinctures, edibles, pet products, and soaps, are produced with love and care.

Our world-class facility produces the highest-quality cannabidiol possible under the watchful eye of our chemist, Kate Wellmon. Our eye for detail and the newest technology guarantees an always-safe, premium CBD oil from hand-picked hemp. We go even further than most companies and continually run third-party lab-tests for maximum transparency and guaranteed purity.

At Farmulated, we strive to provide a product that not only stands out for quality and purity, but we deliver it at a price that is affordable for our customers, friends, and family. The care we put into our products is the same care we put into our farming practices to make sure they are sustainable for future generations.

Our hemp-derived CBD extracts are processed using a CO2 extraction process that preserves the terpenes and flavonoids, resulting in a full-spectrum extract with all of the naturally-occurring benefits. Every batch undergoes extensive third-party testing to ensure our products are free of unwanted heavy metals or pesticides. A complete, customer-accessible cannabinoid profile is available on each product page.

We promise to provide a safe and effective CBD product at a great value, from our family to yours.

About Koi CBD Ltd

Per their website, “At Koi, our mission is simple: to create the standard of quality for CBD users everywhere. We source hemp extract through a strict vendor validation process. All products are infused with hemp grown and extracted in the USA, which enables us to provide the most consistent and finest CBD oil on the market.

While there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding CBD, there’s no mystery to our approach: the belief in the ongoing pursuit of ‘better.’ Better practices, better prices, better education, better days, and better lives. Each batch of our CBD has full traceability from start to finish. We’re a remedy for misunderstanding and misinformation. We’re proponents of quality, safety, and consistency. We’re ambassadors of responsible farming, extraction, and distribution.”

Koi CBD Ltd offers oils/tinctures in strengths of 250mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 3000mg.

Farmulated Pros:

  • Offers a wider range of products, including oils, capsules, gummies, topicals, soaps, and pet products
  • Uses organically-grown hemp plants
  • Takes a seed-to-shelf approach to product development
  • Industry standards dictate one batch per year be tested. However, all Farmulated product batches are third-party lab tested 
  • Single-site processing and growing (“Farm-to-family”)
  • Better prices

Farmulated Cons:

  • Fewer flavor varieties than some competitors
  • Does not offer vape products

Koi CBD Ltd Pros: 

  • Featured in Forbes magazine as one of the best CBD oils
  • Also offers vapes and balms
  • Offers Delta 8 and more THC varieties

Koi CBD Ltd Cons:

  • Does not offer soaps or beauty products
  • Higher prices

Price Comparison:


  • Farmulated 1000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 30ml: $49.99
  • Koi CBD Ltd “Koi Complete” 1000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture 30ml: $79.99


  • Farmulated 5oz bar: $9.99
  • Koi CBD Ltd does not sell soaps as of November 2022


  • Farmulated 25mg 30 count: $39.99
  • Koi CBD Ltd "Koi Complete" Full-Spectrum 25mg 30 count: $59.99


Farmulated is a wonderful option because of the vast amount of CBD products we offer. Our oils, gummies, topicals, soaps, and even pet products are third-party lab tested for the highest quality and safety, and our “farm-to-family” approach to product development ensures that our products are of the purest and highest quality. We truly have something for everyone with our three different strength levels at 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg, as well as our full-spectrum and THC-free options.

Koi CBD Ltd is also great for a wider variety of THC and Delta 8-9-10 products. They also offer vapes, unlike Farmulated.

The bottom line?

Many CBD companies offer a large variety of products, but Farmulated edges out the competition with our commitment to quality and affordability.

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