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Happy Birthday to Maddox, VP of Pet Treat Tasting!


Today is the day! Bring on the cuddles, walkies and extra helpings of CBD pet treats because four years ago, I entered the world as one of the cutest bundles of joy my humans would ever lay eyes on. Such is the life of a Double Doodle.

While mom and dad say I have plenty of energy, I say they could use a bit more. I’ve done my research and compared to my peers, I’m a very, very good boy (which I already knew). Here are the top five breeds that have the most energy, and probably need to do a lot of zoomies/walkies before they earn the “good boy” badge:

Jack Russell Terrier, German Shepherd, Husky, Australian Shepherd and Chihuahua.

The last one is something called “neurotic,” which doesn’t sound good. Regardless, there are no Double Doodles on the list, so someone please tell Mark and Renee being good is in my DNA.

Just kidding. All puppers are good, but some do have a lot of energy and may need to test out our CBD Pet Treats – delicious, relaxing niblets of love. One or two treats, and I’m ready to cuddle up with my pawrents.

Could the lovable pup in your life use a dose of CBD? Check out our treats and wide selection of CBD products for humans, then take 20% off at checkout with code MADDOX.


Cheers to all the good boys, and happy birthday to me!

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