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Healthy Summer Sun: The Powerful Benefits of Vitamin D & CBD


As you may have noticed from the telltale signs—namely longer, sunnier days—the summer solstice arrived this past Sunday. While you’ve been basking in backyard barbecues, days spent at the pool and warm evenings on the porch, what also arrived with the incrementally later sunsets was a surplus of vitamin D. At Farmulated, vitamin D intrigues us as it does all sun-lovers, but its benefits also bear a surprising resemblance to those of our favorite hemp plant extract, CBD.

Vitamin D is a critical vitamin available to us naturally in a handful of food sources, fortified in others (ever heard of the Got Milk? campaign) and most impactful via the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which often get a bad rap.1 While sun protection is indeed important for maintaining healthy skin, some experts still suggest 5-30 minutes of unprotected sun exposure 2-7 days per week depending on personal vitamin D needs and, of course, skincare cautions.1

As most of us have been taught, vitamin D is indeed necessary for strong bones and calcium absorption, but ongoing research suggests it also plays a significant role in one of the top user-backed benefits of CBD: reduced inflammation.2 

How? Emerging evidence shows vitamin D deficiency is strongly correlated to numerous chronic inflammatory diseases, although it is possible it functions as both a cause and symptom of inflammation.2 Regardless of the precise input and output, research confirms vitamin D regulates immune system functioning by inhibiting the production of proinflammatory cells.2 Just as a 2020 study suggested CBD was effective at inhibiting COVID-19-induced cytokine storms, vitamin D also regulates inflammatory cytokines and other pathogens for enhanced immune system functioning in the face of disease.2

What does this mean for your sweet summertime fun? Embrace it! It’s useful for far more than just fun activities and may even protect you against disease. Of course, you should always consult with a trusted physician about recommended sun exposure, especially if you are at risk for or have a history of skin cancer.

Here at Farmulated, we’ll be enjoying a dose of CBD and a dose of beautiful vitamin D every day to help keep inflammation at bay.

Cheers to Summer!

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