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How Long Do the Effects of CBD Oil Last?

Of the desired physiological effects CBD oil can produce – including relief from chronic pain, stress and anxiety, troubling skin diseases, insomnia and so many more common health conditions – one question CBD users may find themselves asking is, how long do the effects of CBD oil last? While there is in fact an estimate for the average CBD user, the effects of CBD can still vary widely from person to person for a number of reasons.

How Much CBD is Adequate?

In general, the higher the dosage and potency, the longer the effects of CBD oil will last. The half-life of CBD, or the time it takes the CBD concentration to be reduced by half, is estimated to last up to two days.1 So, if you take a 1mL dosage of 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil in the morning, or about 33.3mg, after two days you could still have up to 16.65mg in your system. That is why it is recommended to stick to a consistent daily regimen to optimize CBD’s impact. Depending on CBD’s half-life in your body, it can take days for a particular dosage to regulate.

Another factor to consider: An impactful dosage for one person may be too high or low for another. If you’re brand new to CBD, we recommend beginning with a single 1 mL dose of our 1000mg Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD Oil. For those who want an even lighter starting point, begin with 1 mL of 500mg Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD Oil and titrate up for optimal safety and effectiveness.

People Metabolize CBD Differently

Even with estimates of how quickly CBD may pass through the average human body, your individual metabolism, or basal metabolic rate (BMR), plays a significant role in how quickly you process any substance. Your age, weight, sex, muscle mass and physical activity all impact your BMR, or the process responsible for converting food and other substances you consume into various energy outputs.2 Because of these factors, your metabolism can also change somewhat frequently. For instance, if you build a significant amount of muscle mass, your BMR will speed up to compensate for the excess energy expenditure caused by larger contracting muscles.

So, how does this apply to CBD? Typically, the faster your metabolism, the faster CBD will be broken down by your liver. The liver, a critical component of your BMR, digests and filters what you consume to regulate what goes into your bloodstream and what exits your body as waste.2 In the case of CBD, your liver’s enzymes will break down the various cannabinoids, terpenes and other CBD components much the same way it would a sandwich or beverage. Ever heard someone reference their overworked liver when drinking too much alcohol? Inundating the liver with too much of any substance can cause it to become inflamed from overuse, leading to long-term metabolic and other health complications which make it difficult to predict the speed at which any new substance will be processed.*

CBD Delivery Matters: CBD Tinctures or CBD Edibles?

CBD oil reaches your circulatory system faster than CBD topicals, edibles and capsules. Why? The sublingual delivery system, which has you place the CBD oil dropper under your tongue to absorb before swallowing any excess, enables CBD to directly enter your bloodstream via venous drainage.3 The rapid delivery combined with greater absorption means CBD quickly begins to circulate within your body, offering the greatest chance of both immediate and long-lasting effects compared to other forms of CBD. 

Tips to Maximize CBD’s Effects

Interested in getting started with a CBD regimen that is both long-lasting and effective? Begin by finding the CBD potency and dosage with the greatest impact for your body’s individual needs, focus on maintaining a healthy liver for optimal metabolic functioning and, lastly, include CBD oil as the core component of your daily routine before adding CBD capsules, topicals, edibles and more. While all CBD products offer different levels of convenience and targeted benefits, premium CBD oil is the gold standard for achieving full-body health and wellness. 

So, how long will the effects of CBD oil last for you? Although a single CBD oil dosage may produce your desired therapeutic effects for upwards of two days, a consistent routine which combines CBD oil with a calming CBD capsule or inflammation-fighting topical will give you the best chance of achieving a balanced state of serenity, pain relief, uninterrupted sleep and more.

*If you have a history of liver disfunction, always consult with a doctor before beginning a CBD regimen.



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