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How to Celebrate National Rural Health Day

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It’s National Rural Health Day, a time to address the unique healthcare needs of about 15 percent of the U.S. population. While living in rural America certainly contributes to a peaceful, nature-oriented lifestyle (just ask the team at Farmulated), it also presents geographic challenges. Long travel distances to specialty and emergency health services compounded with higher rates of poverty often leads to unhealthy lifestyles among the nation’s rural residents, with rural Americans suffering from higher rates of heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, and stroke than urban residents.1

In Pennsylvania, roughly 27 percent of the state’s populace live in one of 48 rural counties.2 Less access to healthcare leads to conversations on preventive wellness: What can rural residents do to minimize health risks and maximize qualities of life?

  1. Take advantage of local produce. Luckily, rural areas and plentiful farmland tend to go hand-in-hand. Purchase produce at nearby farms for a diet rich in vitamins and minerals at a price much lower than in-store offerings.

  2. Get fresh air. Access to clean air, sunlight, and plenty of walkable trails is an advantage many city dwellers envy, and a key component of both mental and physical wellbeing.

  3. Find natural remedies. Natural wellness treatments have remained relevant for thousands of years for a reason. Plant-based products like CBD are an important part of developing healthy lifestyle habits that stick.

While living in a rural area can lead to some health obstacles, we at Farmulated CBD believe rural residents should also embrace the advantages of the beautiful countryside—teeming with spaces for aerobic activity, fresh crops, and second helpings of Vitamin D. This National Rural Health Day, we wish you all good health and plenty of time to appreciate the great outdoors!



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