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In a Mother’s Day Present Pinch? Farmulated’s CBD Gift Guide Has You Covered

It’s almost Mother’s Day! For last-minute gift-buyers, this means the pressure to adequately pamper whoever has been a mother figure in your life is mounting. And while there never quite seems to be a gift that says, “Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me,” it turns out, mom would probably rather enjoy a simple, thoughtful token of your love anyway. Here are Farmulated’s thoughts for a sincere, CBD-based present that surpasses the typical candle-or-flower dilemma:

Farmulated Gift Guide for Mother's Day 2022

An All-Encompassing Occlusive

Achieving an effective moisture barrier is no small feat, and mom deserves an enriching formula that nourishes fine lines and dry spots with skin-smoothing emu and moringa oils, all while fighting irritating pain and inflammation. Enter Farmulated Pain Salve. Help her keep the bad stuff out, and the good skin in. 

A Sudsy Soap

But it’s not just soap. It’s a handcrafted, aromatic experience with nourishing oils and all-natural scents for a safely indulgent wash-up – even when she’s only got 5 minutes. Give her Farmulated’s Handcrafted Soaps in Lavender, Cedar & Mint or Lemongrass with Hemp… or all three for an extra-special, “Thank you, mom.” 

A Spot of Tea… and CBD

Mom’s favorite morning activity: Sipping a warm cuppa’ coffee or tea. Up the relaxation factor by having her add a few drops of Farmulated Full Spectrum CBD Oil. A daily dose will have her feeling calm and composed before she tackles the day ahead.

A Supplement in Sweet Disguise

She’s always warned you to cut down on the candy, but here’s a treat that doubles as a balancing dose of CBD. Reassure her Farmulated CBD Gummies are actually good for her, and she’ll have a new favorite daily chew.

A Pain-Zapping Miracle Gel

So maybe she’s tried one too many supposed “miracle” serums, but one swipe of Farmulated Freeze Roll-On Gel and she’ll be instantly transported to a cooling, pain-relieving moment of relief. For all she does on a daily basis, she certainly deserves a break from troubling aches.

Farmulated Product Collection

When it comes down to it, any of our premium CBD products will make a unique, useful present for the mother figures in your life. Our CBD oils are ethically cultivated, third-party tested for safety and crafted from our own farm-grown hemp for the highest possible quality – because mom deserves no less.

 From all of us at Farmulated: 


Happy Mother’s Day!

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