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Make a Dog’s Day: CBD for Energetic Dog Breeds

What’s in a breed? For humans like my pawrents, companionship is the number one priority. I am their very best friend, after all. For others, common traits of working breeds—intelligence, athleticism and high energy levels—are admirable. 

Wait, I’m also all of those things. 

Regardless of the incredibly multifaceted, hardworking dog that I am, the highest energy levels are associated with a specific list of breeds, which you can find below. These 10 good boys and girls have average “active” energy levels between 102.86 minutes and 84.22 minutes per day, respectively. 

  1. Belgian Malinois
  2. German Shorthaired Pointer
  3. Brittany Spaniel
  4. Mini Australian Shepherd
  5. Weimaraner
  6. Vizsla
  7. English Setter
  8. Alaskan Klee Kai
  9. Doberman Pinscher
  10. Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

Did your fur baby make the list?

What I find interesting is that I’m active 8-10 hours per day laboring with my dad in the fields, so roughly 540 minutes. Where are my accolades? Well, 8-10 hours including a handful of 2-hour naps.

Despite my complex work schedule, I do still have my moments of pure, uninhibited zest for running in circles, aka the “zoomies.” When my zoomies get to be a little too much (hello, knocking over lamps, glasses and other things that shatter), my pawrents give me my favorite Farmulated Salmon Pet CBD Oil or Chewable Pet Supplements, then boom—cuddle time.

Dogs are never bad, but some of my more energetic four-legged friends need a lot of exercise to be the best versions of themselves. Paired with the calming, anti-anxiety effects of pet CBD, they’re immeasurably lovable, just like me. Pet CBD is the same stuff my pawrents take, but less potent and more delicious with a fishy, meaty aftertaste – yum!

So go ahead, cheer up an energetic good boy or girl on this special holiday with the treat that’s good for them and you.

-Happy Make a Dog’s Day!

Maddox Running in Field

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