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Make a Dog's Day with CBD Pet Treats

For many of us, our pets are our babies. So when we see their bodies begin to break down physically, we struggle to come to terms with it. In truth, 20 percent of dogs over the age of one suffer from osteoarthritis,1 a painful inflammatory condition over 32 million U.S. adults are personally familiar with.2 In our K-9 companions, osteoarthritis not only causes physical strain, but also leaves them uneager to play and easily exhausted.

The good news: A recent study led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine shows CBD may be effective in treating dogs with arthritic pain.3 The study, published in the journal PAIN, showed 9 out of 10 dogs treated with CBD experienced improvements in mobility after a one-month period.3 Researchers were even more surprised to see the benefits of CBD last up to two weeks after dosages stopped, meaning the CBD was not just aiding the dogs’ symptoms, but targeting pain and inflammation at the source.2

For dog-lovers nationwide, this study is monumental in shaping how we support our four-legged friends. As a low-risk supplement, testing the impact of CBD on your beloved pooch is a simple, proactive way to potentially increase your dog’s quality of life just as you would your own. 

This National Make a Dog’s Day, give your good boy or girl the best day ever with CBD Chewable Pet Treats, available through Sunday in discounted 3-packs. Then provide all the belly rubs, walks, and cuddles your fur baby demands. It’s time to celebrate man’s best friend.



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