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National Public Health Week: Health Rankings, Habits, and Reflections

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It’s National Public Health Week, which falls at a conflicting time given the state of our nation as we battle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But taking a moment to reflect on our overall health is critical, especially as many of us have a little – or in many cases, a lot—of extra time on our hands. For us at Farmulated, this is a time to assess where our products fit into the broader health landscape.

To briefly step away from the most pressing health practices of social distancing and sanitation, let’s examine the factors that defined a nation’s health ranking prior to the pandemic. In the most recent Bloomberg Global Health Index, countries were graded on a 100-point scale according to: 

  1. Health risks and diseases
  2. Access to clean water
  3. Life expectancy
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Causes of death 1

The United States finished with a health grade of 73.02, ranked 35th overall.1 As a developed nation, many of our health concerns lie in diseases related to obesity, substance abuse, stress, and mental illness.2  To compound these concerns, statistics show roughly 18 million Americans misuse prescription medications at least once per year.3

Within a culture of unhealthy habits coupled with quick-fix prescriptions, one of our core goals is to create high-quality, non-GMO products that deliver health benefits without potential harm. As long-term farmers, we understand the impact of a diet high in fresh produce, sprinkled with the medicinal properties of nature. Whether it be fiber-rich potatoes or the calming effects of CBD, daily consumption choices are not to be underestimated components of good health. 

As we now know, underlying health conditions are typically what advance COVID-19 symptoms from moderate to critical. While prescription medications, vaccine development, and adequate medical support are of course vital to treating and controlling the spread of disease, the encouraged health practices of pre-pandemic times are also important to acknowledge during this period of public health recognition and reflection.

What could you do to be healthier today? Prepare a meal centered around fresh produce? Take a walk? Focus on calming your anxiety?

From all of us at Farmulated CBD, we hope you make your daily health habits a top priority during this National Public Health Week and beyond!

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