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The Presidential History of Hemp


It’s Presidents’ Day, a date selected in conjunction with our first ever president’s birthday: February 22, 1732. Beyond original policymaking, something notable George Washington also enjoyed was growing hemp at his Mount Vernon estate. Similar to the varieties currently grown here at Farmulated CBD, Washington’s hemp was low in THC, although his was cultivated primarily for industrial purposes such as clothing and ropemaking.1 Flash forward to today and hemp grows in the same patch of Mount Vernon land where Washington once harvested it.

Other presidents rumored to grow? Following Washington, Adams is thought to have carried the torch, and Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Taylor, Jackson, Pierce, Kennedy, Clinton, W. Bush and Obama are all rumored to have some experience growing or using cannabis.1 That’s a lengthy list, but unsurprising considering the multifaceted uses of the wonder-plant.

Thomas Jefferson, an avid agronomist, put hemp on a high pedestal when he described it as “the first necessity to the wealth and protection of our country.”2 While controversial opinions followed by the eventual banning of hemp production in 1937 stifled its impact for decades, hemp farms’ current contribution to local economies in many ways fulfills its intended purpose from hundreds of years ago.

As cannabis legislation is pressed forward by increasing national acceptance, many legal experts anticipate widespread decriminalization and legalization of marijuana within the next few years. For hemp-derived CBD, the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill removed it from its previous classification as a Schedule I Controlled Substance. Now, CBD research continues to unveil the untapped, natural healing properties of cannabis, reinforced by our customers as they find relief from ailments including pain, anxiety and insomnia. 

For us at Farmulated CBD, growing hemp is a noble pursuit seeped in American history, enlivened by our own story as small-town family farmers and deepened by its economic and health-based impact on our country – a patriotic story, indeed.


Happy Presidents’ Day!



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