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Three Steps for a Calmer Morning Routine, Including CBD


It’s no secret we at Farmulated are advocates of incorporating CBD into our daily routines, but that got us wondering: How many people maintain a routine to begin with? Which steps are most common and how does each component make people feel?

According to a 2021 study, the majority of Americans follow a set morning schedule, with 88 percent of respondents weighing in as pro repetitive mornings, so long as they can incorporate a few critical first steps.1 What’s the leading component of the average person’s wake-up call? Although a glass of water, a cup of coffee and a shower took the second, third and fourth spots, respectively, the very first thing most of us do upon waking up may be an easy guess amid a fast-paced, rapidly evolving digital age: Check our cell phones,1 which could have accumulated hundreds of updates while we slept, many of which will be instantly reviewed regardless of urgency or importance.

Beyond the initial world-wide check-in, estimates show the average person continues to log into their phone between 100-150 times per day,2 or roughly 7-8 times per waking hour. The impact this has on our mental and physical wellbeing is startling. According to Psychotherapist Victoria Strohmeyer, each notification, text or Google search delivers a quick shot of adrenaline to our nervous systems, making us more anxious, sleep-deprived and chronically ill than our cell phone-less predecessors.2 Unsurprisingly, for those who keep morning schedules, about 20 percent of instant cell phone checkers report high levels of stress upon awakening.1

As cell phones evolve into more seamless extensions of people, how can we reimagine our morning routines to be a little lighter on the notifications and less taxing on our overall wellbeing? Before the commencement of your next busy morning, consider a few easy, one-step changes you can make for a healthier, less inflamed body: 

1. Drink water before coffee. 

Although the first groggy moments of the morning have most of us reaching for a warm mug of caffeine, deferring your dehydrating cup of Joe for a glass of water is the ideal way to immediately improve your cognitive abilities, power up your cardiovascular system and provide instant energy.3 Give it a try and see for yourself!

2. Take a dose of body-balancing CBD.

Think of it as your anti-inflammatory superhero. All the things that so easily creep into our days – stress, poor diet, sedentary work – cause a hyper-inflammatory response in our bodies that eventually makes us sick. CBD reduces oxidative stress and inflammation via the endocannabinoid system,4 bringing us back to a more balanced state. Allow a few weeks for cannabinoids to adjust to your personal chemistry for best results.  

3. Make a to-do list, then do.

Instead of instantly reaching for your phone, perhaps first document what needs to be accomplished on it. “Check e-mail” gives your brain a specific task instead of an endless abyss of notifications to attend to. Lists also give those with excess stress a sense of mind-calming organization. The day ahead doesn’t seem as daunting when broken down into fragments!

CBD Routine

It's one thing to maintain a morning routine. In fact, most highly productive people do. It’s another to posit a stress- and inflammation-inducing digital interaction as the first and most critical component of your day. For those who wish to wake up with a plan, implementing a few simple, stress-reducing adjustments on a daily basis could prevent both acute and chronic illness, a cause worthy of consideration.

Ready to take the first step? Check out our full selection of premium CBD oils, capsules, topicals and more for your new must-do component of your next wake-up call.



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