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Tools for an Epidemic Turned Endemic? Consider a CBD Regimen

By now, you’ve probably watched a few national news media interviews in which someone poses the burning question, “How long before things get back to normal?”

Normal in this instance of course references pre-COVID-19, mask-less, worry-free living, a time when we didn’t scurry to the next six-feet marker in line or question the symptoms of every allergy attack. To answer such a question definitively would require knowledge of many impossibly futuristic factors, but one guess has emerged between the seasonal lines of loosening restrictions: COVID-19 will likely become endemic.1

Endemics such as the common cold are ongoing diseases occurring in a certain geographic area.2 What this means is COVID-19 is expected to stick around, but with increasing vaccinations and herd immunity, will be much less dangerous than it proved over the past tumultuous year.  

In a sense, dealing with COVID-19 may indeed become the “normal” we seek comparable to the way we don’t live in fear of the common cold. If the thought of a never-ending virus still overwhelms you, consider the impact of herd immunity compounded by a healthy immune system. What can you do to reassure yourself today? Recall the advice you receive every cold and flu season: Get eight hours of sleep, drink plenty of water, eat your greens and if you ask us at Farmulated, begin a CBD regimen.

By taking the preventive health measures which likely topped your list of New Year’s resolutions before tapering into a little more sugar and a little less exercise, you can speed up the process of returning to the type of normal that frames COVID-19 as a side note of a season rather than the primary antagonist of a full year.

Interested in getting started with daily CBD? We recommend a 500mg or 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, but there are plenty of options for all health needs and preferences.

Taking time to maintain your health shouldn’t begin or end with a new coronavirus, and with consistent self-care, a newly categorized endemic might not be so scary after all.



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