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Treating Chronic Pain with Nonaddictive CBD


Chronic pain is a condition that affects 19 percent of U.S. Americans,1 and includes conditions such as slipped discs, arthritis, tension headaches, and numerous nerve-related disorders. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain affects the nervous system on a perpetual basis which could last for weeks, months, or even years as pain signals, often brought on by damaged nervous tissue rather than an isolated injury, rapidly fire.2 For chronic pain sufferers, it is difficult to be understood and treated appropriately not only by peers, but also by the medical community. 

Acute vs Chronic Pain

The mistreatment of chronic pain in the United States is what triggered the opioid addiction crisis, and what led health experts to seek alternative, nonaddictive treatments. Of these natural alternatives, CBD emerged as having the potential to treat the effects of chronic pain without risk of addiction.1 Ongoing research shows CBD may inhibit inflammatory and nerve, or neuropathic, pain.3 While the exact mechanism is unclear, some research points to the endocannabinoid system, a complex cell-signaling system which may affect regulatory functions including pain management.

To provide a quantitative framework, data from a Canadian study on cannabis extract Sativex monitored prescriptions over an extended period of time. During the final 6-month period, 81 percent of the prescriptions issued were refills, hinting that the extract had been at least somewhat effective in treating chronic pain.1 The study noted, however, that there is still controversy over the addictive qualities of THC in cannabis-based medications, and non-psychoactive CBD could be the solution for minimizing addiction risks.1

Today, pain treatment is the number one reported reason for CBD use, with 40 percent of CBD users implementing the healing powers of cannabis into their pain management routines.4 For those suffering from the uphill battle of chronic pain, CBD’s plant-based benefits coupled with its non-psychoactive properties mitigate the threat of addiction while providing a multi-form selection of products to fit your personal needs.

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