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What is the Best Time to Take CBD Oil?

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So, you’re just beginning a CBD regimen. You’ve nailed down the dosage and potency you feel will be best for you and are armed with a brand new CBD oil tincture ready to grant you all the natural benefits of plant-based health and wellness. The next big question: What time should you take your first 1 mL dose?

The Best Time to Take CBD Oil

Choosing the best time to take CBD oil depends on a few different factors. The first question many users will have is, “Will taking CBD in the morning make me tired?” While it is true that insomnia is one of the top-cited conditions for CBD use, the reason CBD tends to be effective at granting users restful sleep has less to do with triggering a “tired” feeling and more with treating the stress and hyperinflammatory pain that prevents insomnia sufferers from getting to sleep in the first place. With this in mind, taking CBD in the morning should not cause you any feelings of grogginess, but if you can’t shake an extra-sleepy daytime feeling, try switching to an evening routine and consult with a physician if any troubling side effects persist.

What Do You Take CBD For?

While morning is a perfectly acceptable time to take CBD oil, if your primary reason for taking CBD is in fact to target insomnia and achieve longer, more restful sleep, then evening is perhaps a better option for your daily dosage. This is because full spectrum and isolate CBD oils utilize the fast-acting sublingual delivery system to quickly transport CBD from mouth to blood vessels to bloodstream in roughly 20 minutes.1

How can you achieve such rapid results? When taking your preferred CBD oil, try to hold the dropper under your tongue for at least 60 seconds to allow the CBD oil to absorb before swallowing the excess. Using this tactic, CBD’s calming effects will be activated before you can even begin counting sheep (or stressing about every detail of your day), granting you immediate relaxation and more restful sleep

Which CBD Products Do You Use?

While Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD oils are the gold standard for immediate, effective benefits, there are a wide variety of hemp-derived CBD products including edibles, capsules, topicals and more that may be more suitable for you or may help supplement your CBD oil regimen. Since these products are either absorbed by the skin or digested, they will have a slower, less potent response in the body in comparison to the sublingual delivery system utilized by CBD oils.

Because CBD gummies, capsules and topicals offer a slower, lighter impact than CBD oils, it may be best to consume or apply them in the morning so you can gradually experience the benefits of CBD as the day progresses. Better yet, try taking CBD capsules or edibles in the morning and CBD oil in the evening to maximize results. CBD topicals like our fan-favorite CBD Freeze Roll-On Gel are effective at either time of day or simply for fast-acting relief as pain, inflammation or other troubling skin conditions arise.

Consistency Matters Most When Taking CBD Oil

While CBD edibles and capsules may be best for gradual-onset morning consumption and CBD oil is a popular evening anxiety zapper, the best time to take CBD is whatever time you can maintain a consistent regimen. Taking the same dosage of CBD on a daily basis is the only way to optimize a CBD potency, dosage and product line that works best for your body, and the most critical factor in achieving the expansive list of benefits CBD has to offer.

Is your morning routine already jam-packed? Switch to evening. Do you prefer to fall into bed at night without a to-do list? The next morning is just fine. And if the middle of the day is your sweet spot, your CBD products will still be perfectly effective. Just like getting your daily serving of veggies or maintaining a fitness routine keep you on track to becoming your healthiest self, consistency within your CBD routine will always reign supreme over timing.

Whether Taking CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, or Any Other CBD Product…

Select your preferred CBD products, pick a general time of day (or don’t) and begin experiencing the benefits of natural health and wellness with your new CBD regimen. No matter the pattern that works best for you, the numerous positive health effects of CBD will serve as the perfect reminder to take your daily dosage.
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