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When Homeostasis Requires Help: Maintaining Balance with CBD

Your tired body “crashes” into a deep slumber after a few days without adequate sleep. You become overheated while jogging and begin to perspire. You notice your mood has lifted after a short stroll in the sun. While these physical changes aren’t noticeable aspects of the day for most, they are small, everyday examples of how our bodies work 24/7 to maintain internal stability. But what happens when these processes we so mindlessly rely on go awry?

Homeostasis is the body’s natural tendency to maintain equilibrium, or a stable internal environment. French Physiologist Claude Bernard originally called this the “internal milieu,” and noted the process was the sole reason for “a free and independent existence.”1 Indeed, we have far more than political history to consider for our ability to get up and freely adapt to changing environments each day. While it is important to thank your body for all that it is capable of, the antithesis of a high-functioning internal ecosystem is one riddled by chronic inflammatory disease, the most common cause of illness worldwide.2

Chronic disease risk factors include those that are well known—age, obesity, stress, and insomnia—but also larger evolutionary discrepancies between modern industrialized environments and the type of environment human bodies originally adapted to.3 Factory pollutants, processed foods, inactive desk jobs, and sleep-disrupting blue light were not accounted for when the human body was evolving to its current form, which means even those practicing healthy lifestyles are subject to heavily disrupted homeostasis.   

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Inflammation is the body’s protective response to loss of homeostasis, but it must be controlled to prevent long-term instability. Inflammation that persists— whether spawned by an external injury, allergies, or a poor diet—tricks the body into operating as if it is under constant attack, leading to chronic disease. CBD has the potential to target and reduce excess inflammation through the endocannabinoid system, thus aiding the body in restoring homeostasis. Yet just as we take for granted the interconnectedness of our bodies when we are healthy, we must recognize the importance of practicing maintenance at all times—not just when we fall ill. Natural remedies like balanced diets, exercise, and CBD are not quick fixes, but daily habits necessary for thriving in less-than-ideal external environments.

Unfortunately, predictions show a persistent increase in chronic inflammatory diseases among U.S. residents over the next 30 years,2 yet another reminder that “developed” living does not adequately account for health. With this in mind, we at Farmulated CBD feel it is important to harness the natural healing powers of our environment as our bodies intended to interact with it. With plant-based remedies like vegetable-rich diets and CBD, the body works to restore its intuitive state of balance and self-correction.

Accordingly, our desire to create safe, natural wellness products comes down to a simple notion: Although the world is not perfectly crafted for us, homeostasis offers an “independent existence” we must view as a precious gift to maintain.



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