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Why We Use Co2 Processing

Super-critical Co2 processing is widely accepted as the safest method of cannabinoid extraction today, both for consumers and those doing the processing. Other methods require hemp flower to be suspended in harsh solvents such as low-grade alcohol or butane which can irritate the lungs and leave behind contaminants such as chlorophyll. Not only do these introduce potential health risks to the consumer, they are extremely volatile substances which greatly increase the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. Co2 acts as a solvent without the dangers of being one.

When the extraction process begins, Co2 is cooled until it is in a liquid form; it then enters a high pressure pump at a constant temperature to bring it to a super-critical state, meaning it is gaseous, yet maintains properties of a liquid. This allows it to pass through chambers filled with ground hemp flower and dissolve the cannabinoid compounds it contains. The pressure is then lowered, returning the Co2 to a gas form which exits the vessel returning to the Co2 tank, leaving crude CBD oil behind.

Super-critical Co2 extraction is widely used in both food and herbal supplement industries. Decaffeinated coffee is made using this process as well as essential oils. While it is the most expensive type of extraction, our team at Farmulated will not compromise when it comes to the safety of our employees and we are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality product possible, making Co2 extraction the obvious choice.

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